8 May 2017

General Election data in Datascape #1

With the General Election looming in the UK we've been after getting consitituency location data into Datascape so we can do some good plots of the historic, poll and results data. Finally tracked down as good source at the ONS Open Geography portal - thanks guys.

Above plot shows each constituency centre point and a rough idea of its size. We're not doing detailed boundary stuff yet - would be hard to see for whole country anyway given the huge range in sizes - most 2D maps use pop-outs for the major cities.

There will no doubt be issues over a) boundary changes and b) non-standard spellings of constituency names - but at least it gives us a start!

16:39 Update

And first plot already - merged in electorate (height) and 2015 turnout (colour).

Click on the link below to launch in your browser or view in MobileVR on your smartphone/Cardboard.


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