26 May 2017

General Election: 2015 Data - Turnout Data

Link for fly-through: http://live.datascapevr.com/viewer/?wid=c26b2318-ec14-457a-9ae5-dc64bc0fc6e1

Just testing out a minor update for Datascape when I decided to plot the 2015 General Election results data on a scatter plot, not geographically. I chose:

  • X: electorate
  • Y: Margin/majority
  • Z: Turnout
  • Size: Size of UKIP vote
  • Colour: Winning party

A quick fly around of the data revealed a number of interesting points:

In the high margin/majority space it is the Conservatives that dominate. More big majority, safe homeland seats.

It is at the small majority end where we tend to see the smaller parties - few of them have massive majorities in their seats.

 The SNP wins are generally associated with very high turnouts. The dots (yellow) are small as there was minor/no UKIP voting and that is what we've mapped to radius.

And the most striking - looking at the turnout axis the Conservatives dominate in the high turnout seats and Labour in the low turnout seats. Cause or effect?

Update: 7 June 17

Here's another visualisation we really like - just showing the vote for each of the main parties across all the constituencies. The fly-through link is:


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