30 September 2020

Daden MD talking about Virtual Humans

Earlier during lockdown Daden MD David Burden recorded a short talk on virtual humans inspired by his book on the subject published last year.

Taylor and Francis have now posted the talk on their web site in their AI Knowledge Hub strand. You can view it at https://aibusiness.com/video.asp?section_id=803&doc_id=763252 or below:

David's co-author, Prof Maggi Savin-Baden has a similar piece on Digital Afterlife at https://aibusiness.com/video.asp?section_id=803&doc_id=764214

28 September 2020

Fire Extinguisher Exercise Walkthrough


We've just posted up a video walkthrough of our fire extinguisher exercise which shows you how different fire extinguisher types are applicable to different types of fires. We find its a great application to quickly get people immersed into 3D/VR immersive training and to "have a go" at the technology as fires and fire extinguishers are something we can all relate too. This is not intended as a fire training exercise, but rather an opportunity to see how 3D/VR immersive training can be applied to a topic.

The exercise was authored using our Trainingscapes authoring system, with a "Fire" widget to control the relationship between the fire types and extinguisher types.

Just get in touch if you'd like to talk through how this sort of immersive (and remote) learning could be applied in your organisation, particularly at a time when it remains challenging to do face-to-face training and teaching.

7 September 2020

Aura Blogpost - "From Virtual Personas to a Digital Afterlife"


David has a blog post on "From Virtual Personas to a Digital Afterlife" on the blog of the new Aura website/service- "designed to help you prepare your memories, important information and connect with loved ones before you die", part of the burgeoning digital afterlife/memorial sector but also looking to open up the conversations ahead of time.

You can read the blog post in full at: https://www.aura.page/articles/from-virtual-personas-to-a-digital-afterlife/

It's also interesting to compare some of the ideas in the post with Channel 4's recent documentary on Peter: The Human Cyborg as there certainly seems to be some common ground worth exploring.