17 July 2015

Work Experience - Abbas


Abbas, a year 10 student from a local Birmingham school joined us for 8 days this summer. As well as helping out on tasks around the office we also gave him the opportunity to learn some C# and Unity programming, and play with Google Cardboard. Here is his report.

"Over the eight days that I have been at Daden, I have learnt new skills and have experienced what working life is like.

On the first day that I arrived, I was given a sheet of paper on which David (MD) had listed some possible tasks for me to complete (one of them was to write a blog post), also included in the list were two coding challenges, in the first I was expected to create a program that reflected the average mathematical capabilities of a human. My second challenge was to write a program that displayed numbers such as 9,999,999 in words in the same way a human would say it.

On the second day, I decided to undertake a new challenge, and I began learning 'C#'.

It was far more verbose and complex than Python (which was the only programming language I was familiar with at the time). Once I had gained a decent understanding of the language, my colleagues assisted me in writing functional bubble sort and binary chop search programs. I then started working with Unity and created a simple 3D ball game. While I was building the game, I learned fundamental Unity skills which I could build upon.

Overall, I have definitely gained a lot from this experience; my level of ability and understanding of programming has undoubtedly improved from eight days ago. Along with that, this experience has also given me an idea as to what a working environment is like."

Thanks Abbas, it was great to have you with us, and all the best for your future studies.