6 November 2023

Blog Paused

Since Daden is now just me I'm more likely now to post to the following locations rather than on to this blog, so these are the places to check what Daden and I are doing:

11 January 2023

Launching The Metaverse Series


David and regular Daden collaborator Prof. Maggi Savin-Baden have been appointed as series editors for Taylor & Francis' new series of books on the Metaverse - simply titled The Metaverse Series! More info at http://themetaverseseries.info/. David has already started on The Metaverse: A Critical Introduction.

The series aims to cover both "vertical" applications areas such as learning, training, the arts, digital twins, heritage, the military metaverse etc as well as cross-cutting issues such as identity, governance, psychology, ethics etc. See http://themetaverseseries.info/ for a provisional list.