7 November 2022

Free Pedagogy for Virtual Reality Training and Education eBook Released


Last year David and Prof. Maggi Savin-Baden and Dr Victoria Mason-Robbie (both of the University of Worcester and regular Daden collaborators) produced a 56pp eBook for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) of the UK's Ministry of Defence on the pedagogy of virtual reality. Whilst that version was approved for public release earlier this year we thought it might be nice to have a copy with non-military imagery and which removed the (few) military specific references. This new civilian version of "Pedagogy for Virtual Reality Training and Education" has now also been approved by MOD for public release and you can download a free copy of it right now!

If you've got any comments we'd love to hear them - just email info@daden.co.uk, and if we can help you think through VR and Metaverse issues more generally then again just drop us a line.