23 July 2014

July Newsletter - Virtual Campus, Virtual Reality and more ...

In this latest issue of the Daden Newsletter we look at:

Daden's new 3D Virtual Campus - explore tools and ideas around immersive learning and virtual collaboration in our new virtual campus - demonstrating web based delivery of an avatar driven 3D environment. You can also watch videos and presentations on our work, see images of our projects and link through to PDFs documents.

Virtual Reality - is it the second coming of virtual worlds? Summarising the discussion in our new white paper the article looks at the key differences between experiencing 3D in VR and on more conventional 2D displays. Hopefully it cuts through the hype and will give you a better sense of what the Oculus Rift and the wider VR landscape are all about, and presents a measured approach to engaging with them.

We also provide quick summaries of some of the other projects we've been involved with recently - hopefully fuller articles next month - and our perspective on a recent article on the 4E's of artificial intelligence.

Click to download the newsletter.

21 July 2014

Virtual Reality White Paper

Drawing on over 10 years of developing virtual world environments, and of experiencing virtual reality systems the paper looks at the potential and pitfalls of virtual reality systems, and tries to identify what it is about the headmounted display (HMD) driven virtual reality experience that makes it so much more immersive that a virtual world experienced on a 2D display. A sensible development path from virtual worlds/immersive environments to full blown HMD virtual reality is also described. Download the Virtual Reality White Paper.