14 February 2019

Virtual Humans: Today and Tomorrow

Daden MD David Burden, writing with one of our long time collaborators Prof. Maggi-Savin Baden from the University of Worcester, has just produced a new book on Virtual Humans. The book has been published by Taylor & Francis in New York and covers the technical, social and ethical elements of what makes a virtual human, and how these technologies might develop in the future.

There is more information one the book, and updated content since this is a fast moving sector, at www.virtualhumans.ai, along with links to Amazon if you want to purchase a copy.

A few choice reviews so far:

"If you have little knowledge of what a virtual human is, but want to find out, then this is the book for you. For researchers in the virtual human field this is a definite must.” - Prof. Kevin Warwick

"A thorough, research-based treatment of how digital entities with human-like features and capabilities have left the domain of science fiction and are rapidly becoming a major aspect of human culture. Significantly, the authors recognize and discuss the great ethical, moral and social implications of these technological developments which makes their work relevant and important for the social sciences and humanities as well as the domains of computing and information sciences. I certainly intend to use Virtual Humans as an assigned reading in the interdisciplinary courses I teach on the personal and social impact of leading-edge digital technologies." - Professor Richard Gilbert

"Intelligent, pragmatic and insightful, Virtual Humans is an essential guide for those who want to understand the complex landscape of today’s technology when thinking about designing and building a virtual human. Helpfully, it clearly deploys a wealth of supporting analysis, case studies, research, ethical questions, and moral dilemmas and adds a refreshing dose of healthy common sense along the way." - Nicola Strong, Strong Enterprises