14 August 2017

James - Work Experience

James is a year 10 student who worked at Daden for one week as part of his course. The following is an account of time at Daden as written by James.

After a team meeting on Monday, I set to work getting to grips with Fieldscapes, using the tutorials to create a quiz that takes the user through the world answering various questions, which turned out to be useful later on (my geography knowledge was tested in a quiz mid-week, so knowing that Ulaanbaatar was the capital of Mongolia from my own project was very helpful!)

 I was then set the task of importing files from Paint 3D into Fieldscapes, which provoked research into the numerous 3D file types available, their uses, as well as how to model a 3D object.

Some default models in Paint3D in 3D mode

Finally, I was then able to export Paint 3D files as an fbx into Unity, then to create an asset bundle to be imported into Fieldscapes; although we encountered problems with offsets and colours along the way, which proved to also be a great learning experiences. The asset bundle I made featured artistic marvels such as a coffee cup with 3D text and a rainbow.

Paint3D models imported into Fieldscapes

In addition, I was present at a meeting that showed me the many uses of virtual reality and 3D, as well as how business between two companies is carried out.

Then on Wednesday, I made an inventory of all the computers in the office, prompting discussion about aspect ratios, computer specs and anti-virus software, as well as having to use the computers’ BIOS’ and learning about the financial side of things with discussions about the cost of the computers.

Next on Thursday I was involved in testing, giving me insight into how it is carried out, along with the gratifying feeling of discovering a funny bug, in this case props being placed in the sky and avatars floating into the air, seemingly ascending to heaven.

I then participated in the testing of a virtual mentor, which again showed the need for and the process of testing and both the positives and negatives of using VR and 3D in the classroom. Next I tried programming a chat bot, adding an input box to it, which greatly improved my JavaScript, as well as allowing me to practice HTML and CSS in a practical environment, not just a classroom and all throughout the week I had a go at C# programming, which I learned from scratch.

Finally on Friday, I continued with programming a chat bot, improving and optimising already existing code. I used JavaScript to present contacts, as well as CSS to improve the appearance of the bot in general adding an input area, an enter button and a scroll bar if the chat overflows.

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