6 March 2017

Daniel and Humza Work Experience

By: Daniel and Humza, Yr10, AUEA

On the 13th of February, we arrived at the Daden office and were introduced to Nash and Sean. Sean and Nash were going to be the ones helping us learn and develop skills in software testing and also using different software such as Unity 3D. For the first day we learned the basics of Fieldscapes, one of Daden's products that allow to go on a virtual fieldtrip. In our opinion Fieldscapes is easy to learn and understand. Fieldscapes also has a wiki one can reference if they need help.

On the second day we were a given one tasks to complete for the week. Firstly we asked to test Fieldscapes and look for bugs in the software. During our testing we were also asked to think of an experience we would to create using Fieldscapes. We created a mind map of all the ideas that we had. In the end, we agreed to use Pokémon because of the endless ideas that we had that would work well by adjusting Pokémon.


On the third day we started to download 3d models of Pokémon and import into Unity. Once they were imported, we had to adjust their length and widths so they would be able to fit onto our world. We downloaded about 15 Pokémon alongside buildings and a small city.

On the fourth day, after we sorted out our Pokémon, we started to work on the landscape. We were showed how to access the Unity Asset Store to see the terrains we would use. We chose a grass terrain and edited it to fit in with our planning diagram. We changed the middle area to be flat for the city, with mountains covering the outside.

On the final day, we imported both the terrain and Pokémon onto a Fieldscapes and started to create settings for each Pokémon. For example if you were to tap on one it would make a sound and show the details about it. Instead of repeating this for each Pokémon, we used the clone tool when we found the location to hide them, they were given the same properties. We used unity in order for us to adjust and resize the models of the Pokémon.

We also were able to use the Oculus Rift to explore the world we have made and all the Pokémon that we have inserted in virtual reality

Overall we have enjoyed week here and everyone was kind and helpful.

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