17 February 2017

Fieldscapes in Space!

We built a big star box for our Comet 67P visualisation a while back, and ever since we've wanted to put the whole solar system in it. So we've finally got around to creating a planets inventory which has a prop for each planet in the solar system, plus the sun and moon. In fact several planets have two models, so you can have one set where the planets are to true scale (with Earth at 1m Jupiter is huge!), and another where they just show as being a bit bigger or smaller (so Jupiter is only 2 x Earth).

You can set the planets spinning about their own axis by using the Auto-Rotate widget, and set different, realistic, speeds for each planet. You can't yet set them in orbit about the sun, but perhaps we'll work on that (most likely another set of props which include an invisible "radius stick" that you can set rotating - although it means a fixed size for the orrery.

Of course if you want different planets (or moons) you can just use the SetImage function to paste a whole globe image (real or imagined) onto any of these spheres to make you own planets or moons up!

We'll hopefully also add in the major planetary moons to a later release.

Do let us know how you use it - for instance we want to set up a solar system model along Carding Mill valley!

And of course you can see all this in VR too with Oculus Rift.

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