10 August 2016

Datascape V2.0 is Released!

After almost 2 years of work, some of it funded through an InnovateUK project with partner IGI, we have today released Datascape 2.0 into the wild.

Building on our experience with Datascape 1 (which was written in Unity) Datascape 2 is a completely re-written application which provides the same overall experience and capability as Datascape 1 but with far higher usability and performance. Datascape 2 (known as Datascape2XL while in development) is written in C# and DirectX, and is currently only available on Windows.
By using native Windows tools we’ve been able to create an application which looks and behaves far more like the sort of business apps that people are used to. You can import data directly from Excel spreadsheets and CSV files (or link it to a database), and use drag-and-drop to assign fields to parameters in the mapping screen. A simple tree view gives you immediate access to all the components of the visualisation, including the axes and graphical background.

Datascape2 also has power. Depending on your PC configuration you can visualise and interact with over 15 million data points (we’re managing over 2 million just on a laptop!). We already have a Hadoop interface under test, and V1.1 (due Sep 16) will also add Virtual Reality support for Oculus Rift.

Datascape provides a range of 3D objects to use as markers, including common objects such as man, woman, car, ship, plane etc. You can also import your own 2D images to use on the panel axes, and link points out to URLs which can be viewed in your browser.

You can download the Trial version of Datascape 2.0 for FREE today. After 30 days the trial version reverts to 10,000 point limited Community Version, but of course we’d like you to upgrade to one of our Solo or Commercial licences – which start from just UKP49+VAT!

We'll be publishing weekly visualisations onto the blog, and tutorial videos, so that you can get an idea of the wide variety of visualisations which Datascape can create.

We already have a good set of video tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo, and a well developed Datascape Wiki, but if you need any more help just post on our Forums or email us at datascape at daden.co.uk.

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