20 April 2016

Geological Society Higher Education Network: Virtual Worlds Workshop


The Geological Society's Higher Education Network is holding a workshop on Virtual Worlds in Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES )Teaching - Games or Reality on 14th June 2016 in Leeds. We'll be attending and support the event, which is being co-convened by Tom Argles from the OU - one of our partners in the Fieldscapes project.

To quote from the flyer:

"This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in developing, adapting or using virtual worlds in GEES education. We would like to build a strong community of educators at all levels who support virtual worlds; to share our knowledge and pool our resources. We would also like to explore the potential for forming partnerships to pursue funding opportunities for developing content, learning materials, delivery platforms and hosting infrastructure. Exploration of ideas around virtual reality and blends of other technologies is also on the agenda."

"Disclaimer: This is not about replacing fieldwork in the curriculum, but how virtual worlds can introduce, support, enhance, extend, revise and promote the whole field experience."

"The workshop will include time in the School of Earth and Environment’s Visualisation Lab to explore the different virtual worlds already being used in the geosciences."

If you'd like to attend the event then there are more details on the Geological Society web site event page.

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