28 April 2016

April 16 Newsletter: FieldscapesVR and Datascape beta released

In this latest issue of the Daden Newsletter we are proud to announce: 

  • The release of a demo of FieldscapesVR onto the Android Play Store. You can use this with or without a Google Cardboard VR headset to have a virtual walk (or fly) through Carding Mill Valley - a site used by lots of schools for Geography field trips and using an accurate model of the whole 2km x 2km area. Just search "fieldscapes" on Android Play Store to find it, and it's FREE! 
  • The launch of the Beta of Datascape2XL, our 2nd generation 3D immersive data visualisation platform. Sign up for the beta invite list now!

We also have: 

  • A call for participation in a survey on photosphere virtual reality apps, to both provide us with some market insight but also for a course project for one of our staff. Take the survey today! We also provide some background to our first PhotospheresVR project at iCentrum. 
  • A look at the three different types of Virtual Reality application that we are seeing in the market, and an idea of their pros and cons.

Read the newsletter now!

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