29 March 2019

Daden U day - Slack integration

Writing to a slack channel.

At Daden we use slack to communicate with other team members and as a way of passing useful information, jokes and items of interest around the company.

An article on Code Project on how to communicate programatically with Slack grabbed my interest so for the February Daden U day I decided to see how difficult it would be to "talk to slack".

As it turns out it's actually really easy, all the information you need is here...


From start to finish it only to about 15 minutes to have a simple example up and working, so a big thanks to Ryan Peden for writing the article.

Now we are able to write to Slack the next step is deciding what we can do with it. At the moment thoughts are along the lines of getting notifications when web sites throw exceptions as well as integrating some of Daden's many chat bots.

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