23 November 2018

November Newsletter

In this latest issue of the Daden Newsletter we cover:

  • Virtual Route Learning - How we are helping researchers at Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust better understand how Acquired Brain Injury patients can re-learn how to navigate
  • A Reflexive Planning Tool for the MOD - How a short sharp project for the MOD built a chatbot based around De Bono's 6 Hats concept to create a reflexive planning tool
  • World Space Day 2018 - Giving families their first taste of VR by using Fieldscapes to let them stand on Phobos to see a huge Mars above them - on seeing Jupiter from Io! Check our the Blog Post.
  • Second Life Remembered - Daden produce a book (and eBook) celebrating the wide variety of projects we did in Second Life over the past decade! (If you want another trip down memory lane check out our Newsletter from 10 years ago!)

Download and read the pdf newsletter now!

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