1 December 2017

Fieldscapes Exercise Visualiser - Daden U Day

For the Daden U day I decided to create what I call the Fieldscapes Exercise Visualizer. The aim of the visualizer is to create a graphical representation of a Fieldscapes exercise. The idea came about while creating a complex Fieldscapes exercise, I was struggling to quickly recall the structure of the exercise, the Props, Prop Commands and their relationship with Systems Nodes. Another reason for creating the visualizer was to have a way of explaining the flow of the exercise from begin to end. If it a non-linear exercise they different paths can also be illustrated.

Before beginning work on the visualizer I had a few ideas of how to illustrate the exercise using symbols and shapes. Fortunately I discovered a web application called draw.io whilst trying to created a flow diagram manually using pre existing tools. Initially I had attempted use Umlet which is windows application for drawing UML diagrams but decided against it. Reason being that a web application would be more accessible. As a web application I could integrate it into the Fieldscapes Content Manager reducing the number of tools content creators have to access to make full use of the Fieldscapes ecosystem.

Unfortunately draw.io does not have an API (Application Programming Interface). In my attempt to find a the API I discovered that it uses library called mxGraph. mxGraph is a JavaScript diagramming library that enables interactive graph and charting applications to be quickly created that run natively in most major browsers. mxGraph has a backend which supports the javascript application running on a server. This backend software can either use Java, C-Sharp(C#) or PHP. For the purpose of the U Day I used the C# backend as Fieldcapes is written in C#.

After downloading the source code for mxGraph from the Github repository. The source code contained an example C# .Net website. The solution worked right out of the box without an issues. Fortunately because of work done for the Fieldscapes Editor most of the code needed to read Fieldscapes exercises stored in XML was already written so all I needed to do was write a couple of functions that extracted the data I needed to represent the various elements of an exercise as geometry with connecting lines. Extracting the data was a breeze however progress grinded to a halt when I tried to draw different shapes to represent the various elements of an exercise such as props, system nodes etc. After some trial and error and lots of googling I managed to understand how to style the vertex which is the word used in mxGraph for the geometry that are draw on the canvas.

From what I saw of the documentation and my brief time using mxGraph, mxGraph is a powerful library that has many affordances for those who want to create diagrams of any nature. It allowed me to create a diagram(see image below) that showed all the different elements of a Fieldscapes exercise with line indicating their relationships with to each other. The next step create some form of structure for the diagram. Development on the Fieldscapes Exerciser Visualizer is not a priority at the moment but it something I intend to continue working on until it becomes more useful at which point it will be integrated into the Fieldscapes Content Manager.

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