17 July 2017

Benjamin - Work Experience

Benjamin is a year 11 student from King Edward’s School who worked at Daden for one week as part of his course. The following is an account of time at Daden as written by Benjamin.

Work Experience Blog Post

After experimenting with Fieldscapes in the morning, I began to write a C# script for a new widget, that could be used to measure height in the environments. I’d only recently began learning C# and so this was a very useful experience for me. I learnt a lot about how to properly construct code by looking at the other widgets, and with help from Sean I learnt how to do more complicated things, like accessing other scripts and returning different variables from a method.

I finished the widget in the morning, and then began to document it. I cleaned up the code, adding notes, before writing a wiki article for it. With that completed I learnt about Source Control, and how the project was managed and updated, eventually uploading my changes to the server.

Wednesday & Thursday:
I had created some game assets in the past and so got to work creating some Norman props for a Motte and Bailey Castle environment in Fieldscapes. I rarely have an opportunity to practice throughout the day like I did, and so being able to create multiple assets with performance in mind was also a very beneficial experience.

Friday: I finished modelling a Battle Axe and then finally, I showed the assets in a meeting. Overall, I have learnt a lot about programming, modelling, and the way a project is managed in general. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Daden.

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