10 April 2017

Fieldscapes Open Beta starts today

The Fieldscapes Open Beta starts today. Our plan is to run this until 3rd May when we will go fully live. During the Open Beta all functionality is live and we have created a set of example lessons and exercises - but the aim is that it is you the educators and tutors who ultimately create and share the content which will make Fieldscapes - and 3D immersive learning in your classroom - a success.

There is a step by step guide to registering and downloading, or you can go directly to the Download and Registration pages. You MUST register in order to use the application.

Note that if you "play" an exercise at the same time as another tutor you will be able to see them and communicate by text chat - but they will not see how you are playing the exercise - you each have your own version. We call this hybrid multi-user, and will add full multi-user later in the year.

Fieldscapes is designed to support any sort of immersive learning, including:
  • Support physical field-trips for geography, biology, geology and other earth and environmental sciences
  • Allow visits to (global) locations which are not practicable (or safe) to visit in (or out of) class time
  • STEM lessons on the Moon, Mars, the Solar System and other worlds
  • History lessons in virtual Roman or Tudor towns.
  • Comparing castle and abbey ruins to how they were when built
  • Virtual battlefield tours – Naseby already available
  • Maths for the real world – exploring maths in real contexts (good for science too!)
  • Virtual laboratories (and virtual experiments)
  • Letting students create immersive environments to present back rather than a Powerpoint or poster
  • Virtual drama and set design
  • Letting students learn programming without having to worry about syntax 
  • Language learning – just write an exercise in a foreign language, or create a foreign setting
  • Vocational skills, trade and business training
  • Health and care training – we already have a virtual clinic

Donwload our 4 page summary and 20 page description from the Resources page.

The Beta version can be used on Oculus Rift as well as in 3D only PC. We will add Mac, Android and Android Cardboard versions before the formal launch, with iOS and other HMDs to follow.

Do use the Forums for any support requests or user feedback (or email support@fieldscapevr.com), and do post how you are using Fieldscapes to the Forums or our Facebook page.

We'll be setting up some webinars on How to Use Fieldscapes (including editing) over the next few weeks - but most of you should find that you'll be able to dive right in. If you're coming from Second Life we've got a comparison of the two systems.

We look forward to seeing you in Fieldscapes.

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