18 October 2016

P53 Protein Model

We found some nice data on the RCSB Protein Data Bank which gives the x/y/z angstrom unit location of every atom in a huge range of proteins. The data was in a fixed width format and didn't take long to convert to CSV and add in some of the meta data contained at the top of the file. The visualisation shows both the whole dataset, about 65,000 points covering 30 different co-located models, and then another mapping shows just a single model. Scrubbing is used to filter through the different models, and then on the single model to filter through the different chemical elements. Shape is used consistently to also show element, and colour to either show strand or element.

This sort of protein visualisation was always something we thought that Datascape wouldn't be particularly brilliant at, and there are several dedicated apps to do it, but we were impressed at how good the results appear to look.

Download the free Datascape trial app now!


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