25 September 2015

Daden releases Rosetta Mission in VR on Google Cardboard


We released our first Google Cardboard VR app onto the Google Play store today. RosettaVR lets you look at Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and the Rosetta probe and Philae Lander. For the comet we have both the official ESA 3D shape model, and the textured model developed by Mattias Malmer. For the first release we've reduced the resolution of the models to make for a smaller download, but plan to make a "pro" release shortly with the full size models. The Rosetta and Philae models are from EGPJET3D, and the probe includes an animation mode so that you can watch the huge solar panels expand out.

We've used the release as a chance to try out some different interaction modes, and will continue this theme in future releases. With the limited controls of the standard cardboard, and the typical use case of standing in a crowded room, how best to do you move through a space or look "around" a model. For RosettaVR the main interaction is rotation control, you can set the featured object spinning around the X or Y axis at different speeds, and quickly stop and start it so as to get to a particular point. Then you can zoom in or out. All of this by just looking at the controls, and with the option of single button click confirmation. There is also an additional "drag" mode, so than by holding the button down you can "drag" the comet around a bit to optimise the view.


RosettaVR is currently available only on Android, but if there's the interest we'll do an iOS version (which also works with Cardboard) too - let us know. As mentioned we're also planning a "Pro" version with higher rez models. As well as helping to communicate about the wonders of the solar system and of space exploration the aim is also to use it as a demo to show people what can be done with VR, and to experiment with the different interaction modes. 

And of course whilst this app is all about Rosetta, there are no limitations as to what the objects you are viewing can be in an application like this. They could be products, show homes, cars, machinery animations, process animations, historical artifacts - almost anything. The immediacy and accessibility of the Cardboard also make it ideally suited to customer engagement at trade shows or in retail centres, and as something extra for your salesforce to have with them all the time. So if you have objects or places that you would like to put virtually into the hands of your customers just give us a call on 0121 250 5678, or drop us a line at info@daden.co.uk.

Download RosettaVR onto your Android phone today. (You will need a Google Cardboard to get the full experience).

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