13 November 2020

PIVOTE on Israeli TV


A lovely bit of video has just emerged that show long time friend and VR/VW colleague Dr Hanan Gazit demonstrating our old PIVOTE system (the forerunner of Trainingscapes) on Israeli TV about a decade ago! The system ran in Second Life and Open Sim, but crucially the exercise server was on the web, and training content could be edited on the web, not in Second Life. Exercises were defined by an XML file, and that heritage and approach is still in Trainingscapes - keep the exercise definition and player logic independent of the actual 3D (or 2D or audio) environment you use to experience it in. It's a logic that should let us develop a nice WebXR player for Trainingscapes relatively easily.

You can watch the video here (in Hebrew - although it's got sign language!):

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