8 June 2017

Fieldscapes and Trainingscapes Live

Today we're pleased to announce that Fieldscapes is formally live.

This represents a culmination of over 2 years work that started with the InnovateUK Design for Impact Feasibility Study, and was then followed by Development funding from InnovateUK through until October last year - and then our closed and open beta since then.

During the Design for Impact project we worked closely with our partners The Open University, the Field Studies Council and service design consultancy Design Thinkers, numerous schools and universities, and some lovely physical field-trips, to create a service (not just the software!) that would let educators create and share 3D and VR immersive field-trips - and almost any other lesson - without needing specialist 3D skills. We've done this by clearly separating the two key tasks involved - creation of the 3D assets (which is likely to remain a technical task for some time to come - but not beyond the ability of a keen amateur), and the creation of the lesson plan and pedagogy.

For this second element we think we've created an easy to use and intuitive forms based, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, where educators can just walk out onto their chosen location, place the props which the student will interact with, and then define the interactions that the student will have.

The resulting lesson can then be accessed, in single or multi-user mode, from a PC, Mac or Android (iOS) to come, and also with an Oculus Rift VR headset if available (other VR headsets to follow).

To us, though, the key is that once you have created a lesson you can share it with other educators, anywhere in the globe. And you can give them permission to copy your exercise so that they can customise it to the needs of their students, and put it in their language.

So please, check out our videos of how to use Fieldscapes, see our gallery of example locations and lessons (and we stress these are examples only - we want you to be the creators of content, not us!), and then register and download the app and try out existing lessons and start to create your own. We only charge once you start to open exercises up to your students.

For those who want a dedicated system rather than a shared system - be they educators or commercial trainers  or L&D staff - we are also now offering Trainingscapes, the same technology as Fieldscapes but offered as a dedicated instance for each client, branded to that client, and where the client is in complete control over access. We'll have a dedicated Trainingscapes demo shortly, but in the mean time sign-up for Fieldscapes to get a feel for the system.

If you need any help in getting started we're running regular webinars, but also please don't hesitate to email support@fieldscapesvr.com and we can set up a Skype or similar session to get you going.

And if you'd like more information on Fieldscapes or Trainingscapes, or a face-to-face or web demo, then again please just call us on +44 121 250 5678, or email info@daden.co.uk or use the contact form.

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