29 November 2018

Immersive and Digital Business Meet-Up - Birmingham

We were delighted to speak at the ImmerseUK Immersive and Digital Business Meet-Up here at Innovation Birmingham Campus this morning. David spoke about our work in using immersive 3D and VR for a wide variety of projects (over 50!) and some of the lessons we've learnt.

Davids slides are here:

Other notable presentations were:

@VirtualSarahJ telling us how's she's getting bored with how boring #VR is and its time for people to go back to Lanier and the 90s and make it a place of dreams - funny, that's pretty much what SL was/is!

KTN warning about the number people who leave competition submissions to the last moment!

Third Skin (@thirdskinhy) talking about their audio AR/biometric wearable.

And old friend @Taran3D talking about using VR to bring a virtual museum on Sikh history to the people.

A good event, with a good turn-out and some useful chats. In particular how to we get the message to HR and Training Directors and C level corporates - that's what is needed to scale this whole thing up.

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