15 November 2018

Daden's Adventures in Second Life

As our internal corporate memory begins to fade of all the projects we did in Second Life we thought it would be useful to capture them in good old dead-tree format in a nice glossy A4 coffee-table style book - ideal for casual browsing for visitors and on trade stands!

A nice by-product is that the whole book is available for you to browse for free on-line to see the range of projects that we have been involved with. And whilst SL may not be a prime delivery mechanism at the moment most of what we did in SL has informed what we now do in Unity and in VR, and the scope of projects are still directly applicable to businesses and organisations today.

The eBook is at: https://www.bobbooks.co.uk/bookshop/photobook/dadens-adventures-in-second-life

And of course if you really feel like you must own a dead-tree version for posterity then it's available to buy for the princely sum of £57.99!

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