5 April 2017

VWBPE17 Virtual Safari to Fieldscapes

Starting off in the Demonstration Space

As a follow up to the VWBPE presentation last week last night we hosted a virtual field trips (also called a virtual safari) to our virtual field trip system - Fieldscapes! 

We had about half-a-dozen attendees from (I think), the UK, Egypt, and North America. We ran a skype group call to give us audio, and then I also used in world chat. We were making use of a new Fieldscapes feature which is that is, as a tutor, you PLAY (not EDIT/TEST) an exercise then you will also meet any other educator/tutor also trying that exercise out. Note that when working with students you create assignments which limit entry to just your nominated students, so the new feature doesn't effect the child safety aspects of the system.

We started in the Demonstration Space where the visitors were able to try out the props and see most of the basic behaviours of Fieldscapes. We then moved on to Mars, and after that Carding Mill Valley.

Overall the session went very well, even though name labels are temporarily missing and we only get our first full load of avatars this week! Lots of discussion of comparison between SL and Fieldscapes, and also between older systems like ReactionGrid/Jibe, and newer ones like Sinewave's Space and Fieldscapes - and Fieldscapes came out pretty well all round I think for what it's intended for - delivering 3D and VR immersive education at scale.

The event certainly encourages us to do more tours like this, so we'll post a schedule up on EventBrite shortly and probably host one a month for people to get to know the system - as well as doing separate Editor focussed sessions.

Showing how students can be enabled to move objects in world - like the pointer

Exploring an empty Mars! Spacesuit on its way!

Walking up into Carding Mill Valley

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