13 April 2017

Carding Mill Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

To celebrate Easter we've put up a virtual Easter Egg Hunt on Fieldscapes in the Carding Mill Valley. Its a nice simple exercise that shows:

  • Object collisions triggering sound, a count reduction and object disappearance
  • A variable rule that gives a message when it reaches zero

We've laid out 10 large (~1m) and 10 small (~ 0.3m) eggs. We thought it would be easy, but its a real challenge to find all the eggs, The better way to play it is how many can you find in 10 minutes. Mind you, think of it in the real world. If I hid 10 huge Galaxy Easter Eggs over the bottom half of Carding Mill Valley I bet you wouldn't find it easy to find them all!

Of course this would also be a good game to play collaboratively. Whilst the eggs themselves aren't multi-user at the moment (so if I find an egg you can still see it and find it) we can still collaborate by remembering (or mapping) where we find the eggs in order to help others. And once we have multi-user objects than we can all hunt for the same eggs - it would be interesting to know which is the better model to foster collaboration!

Watch out for more Festival themed exercises on Fieldscapes in the future, and remember that you can clone the Easter Egg exercise to make your own version!

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