27 April 2017

April 17 Newsletter Out - Fieldscapes Open Beta, Datascape, Webinars and a Survey

Our April Newsletter is out.

In this latest issue of the Daden Newsletter we are proud to announce:
  • Fieldscapes is now in Open Beta - this means that anyone can now download, sign-up and use the system to create, share and play 3D and VR immersive learning exercises, lessons and experiences. You can register and download Fieldscapes from https://www.fieldscapesvr.com/download. The open beta will run til mid May when we'll put the system fully live.
We also have:
  • An update on Datascape and its ability to publish to the web and VR. You can download a free trial of Datascape from https://www.datascapevr.com/trial
  • Initial information on Trainingscapes - the corporate/white label version of Fieldscapes for professional and commercial training, and our ideas for a public outreach version
  • A description of our R&D work at bringing 3D visualisations out of Datascape and into VR in both Fieldscapes and AltSpaceVR
  • The return of chatbots!
  • A list of upcoming webinars to introduce you to Fieldscapes and Datascape - check the dates and sign-up
  • A quick survey - with the focus on two product streams should we have separate newsletters for each - let us know your views!
We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the topics raised in the newsletter, or our products and services, in more detail!

Download your copy today.

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