24 July 2019

My Work Experience at Daden

My name is Moonis, I am a student from Bishop Vesey's Grammar School at Birmingham and for the last 2 weeks I have been here at Daden helping develop a project utilising the built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech and video APIs in the browser to produce an interactive experience for users, responding to questions asked by an animated figure.

Over these two weeks, the work has helped to develop my knowledge of both asynchronous JavaScript and NodeJs programming. I was also able to learn more about how a small business operates and the format of both company meetings and proposals for clients. I also had an amazing hands-on experience of the fairly recently released Oculus Quest technology.

More than anything else, however, I believe that these last 2 weeks were great because of the people, whom I have enjoyed being working with. There is a very pleasant atmosphere at Daden and you can tell the team truly take interest in their projects.
I enjoyed my time and felt that I was in good hands here at Daden. I would certainly be willing to come here again in the future.

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