18 May 2017

London Undergound Data in Datascape

Inspired by the TfL talk at VRWorld I thought it was about time we got some TfL data in Datascape, so I managed to put this together before I got home from the conference.

Doogal's site has a downloadable list of tube station locations (lat/long) (https://www.doogal.co.uk/london_stations.php) which was a good start. The TfL Open Data site after registration then let me download the station entrance counts for weekdays for 2016 (as daily averages I assume) for 15 minute slots through the day. A bit of Perl scripting combined the two files, and split the TfL table into a single column, and some tidying to get station names to match! Then into Datascape. In all these visualisations height is the 24 hour day, each disc is a data sample for a 15 min period, and width and colour is proportional to the number of people entering the station at the time.

You can fly through a subset of the data yourself in 3D or VR (Cardboard) by following this link in any WebGL capable browser: 

Full dataset, the column with a fat base at the centre of the map is Waterloo

Flying in to Oxford Circus - bulging at home time

Flying out along the Northern Line - note some stations have an evening bump as well as a morning one

Showing a sample every 3 hours in the Web/VR version to get general trend

Close up of Web/VR version - we limit to 5-10k points at the moment for performance

We'll explore some of the other TfL datasets over the next few months, and we can support multiple datasets in a visualisation so you could switch between entrance and exit data, or weekdays and weekends.

Replacing the Open Street Map map with a 3D model is certainly possible - we can do model imports ourselves but haven't added it yet as a public function. And moving the whole experience into Hololens is certainly something we'd like to do in the future.

But for now you can just download a trial of Datascape for free and start publishing your data visualisations in 3D on the PC, web and VR.

A short unedited video flythrough is below - but try the link at top for the full 3D/VR experience.

All the data is (c) 2017 Transport for London and used under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

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