10 May 2017

2015 General Election Results - Risk vs UKIP

Click link for live 3D fly-through: http://live.datascapevr.com/viewer/?wid=31a96f33-6196-4dcb-b408-4e1c6fa6aee9

We've started to play around with election data in Datascape. We're not political analysts, so please forgive any errors/simplicity in the analysis - we're just seeing if we can get Datascape to give us some interesting views and perspectives on the data.

In this visualisation we've plotted the 2015 results for each constituency (exc NI - the ONS file doesn't have the geocodes).

The key is:

  • Colour = winning party
  • Height = 1/margin between 1st and 2nd place
  • Width = Number of UKIP votes
Broadly speaking if any column has an obvious thickness to it then the number of UKIP votes is at least the size of the majority/margin. One of the current lines of analysis appears to be that many of the UKIP votes will go Conservative - so Labour (red)  seats with a reasonably small majority (almost any appreciable height on our visualisation), and with a large UKIP vote (any width) could be good candidates to go Tory.

In the office we're going to start to work from this and other visualisations our predictions of which seats are going to switch, and if we're brave we'll post it here the day before the election!

Just click on the link above to fly through the data, and hover over any bar to see the detail. If you've got Google Cardboard then you can even fly through the data in VR!

Note: You might see that there's a UKIP win over the Greens in Buckingham in middle England - which didn't happen! The reason is that the ONS/Electoral Commission data for that seat appears to be missing entries for the 3 major parties (and others) - so according to the data it's a UKIP win. This actually highlights Datascapes ability to immediately draw the eye to errors in the data!

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