6 March 2017

Fieldscapes at Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education Conference 2017

The Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education Conference is a long standing virtual event looking at the use of virtual worlds and 3D immersive environments in education. Whilst much of the early VWBPE was in Second Life, Wonderland and other virtual worlds - and VWBPE main hub is still in Second Life, the conference now includes other environments - such as our own Fieldscapes.

We have two Fieldscapes contributions to the conference:

  • On 31st March at 6pm UK time, 1000 SLT/CET we have a presentation on Fieldscapes, and since the theme of the conference is "Legacy" we'll look at how Fieldscapes grew out of our early work in Second Life and Open Sim.
  • On 4th April at 9pm UK time, 1300 SLT/CET we are hosting a "virtual field trip" to a "virtual field trip" when we invite delegates into Fieldscapes to experience a couple of our lessons, and then leave then to play with the editor.

You can find out more about, and sign up to, VWPE2017 at https://vwbpe.org/ and details of the virtual field trip and associated Passport to the Metaverse are at https://vwbpe.org/vwbpe-news/vwbpe-2017-immersive-experiences-and-passport-to-the-metaverse.

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