15 March 2017

DatascapeVR Released!

We officially released DatascapeVR (aka Datascape v2.1) today.

The big feature is the "Publish to Web" button. This takes your visualisation (up to around 5000 points) and publishes to the web via WebGL. The system gives you a unique URL which you can share with friends and colleagues and they just click on this and the 3d visualisation opens up in their browser AND they can fly through and around the visualisation just as you can on the desktop version. This is a "view only" mode at the moment, they can't change the visualisation, or interact with it beyond clicking on a point for the hover text, but we can add more features if there is the demand.

It doesn't stop there though. Since we're using WebGL it also means that you can view the visualisation on smartphone. And clicking on the VR mode option brings up a stereoscopic display so you can drop the phone into your Google Cardboard and explore the visualisation in full VR!

We have a video demo/tutorial and you can request a free 21 day trial from our brand new DatascapeVR website.

And if you want to see what a WebGL data visualisation looks like in your browser right now - just click on this link: http://live.datascapevr.com/viewer/?wid=26417d10-3d94-43d8-936b-22298153bee9

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