19 July 2016

New Videos: Multiple Choice for Fieldscapes, and Network Data for Datascape

Several new videos up on our YouTube and Vimeo channels in the last few weeks. The latest ones are:

Multiple Choice in Fieldscapes

How to add a multiple choice question in Fieldscapes. Very much work-in-progress and the final version will be a lot slicker, but the use of the system node approach gives you an incredibly flexible system which can be used for tasks like allowing a student to choose what activity they want to see/do next, as well as using it to give answers to formative or summative tests. Of course since this is a 3D world you can always use objects, or even images, instead of text questions by embedding the question and answer into the environment, rather than use a simple, but familiar, text based option.

Network Data in Datascape

Probably one of the hardest things to deal with in Datascape are network graphs. This video shows how to import and plot network graph data by using two data files, one representing the nodes, and one the links/edges that connect the nodes.

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