11 July 2016

3D Objects in Datascape

In the next beta release of Datascape we're adding a wider set of 3D objects, adding a variety of "everyday items" to the base list of platonic solids and other marker variations. The initial list of extra objects looks like this:
  • Bicycle
  • Car
  • Computer
  • Dhow
  • Factory
  • Firewall
  • FishingBoat
  • House
  • Human
  • Liner
  • Lorry
  • Man
  • MobilePhone
  • Monkey
  • Motorbike
  • Office
  • People
  • Plane
  • Raft
  • Server
  • Soldier
  • Speedboat
  • SphereHD
  • Submarine
  • Tank
  • Telephone
  • TreeConical
  • TreeSpherical
  • TreeTriangular
  • Warship
  • Woman
We'll add more based on user feedback, and in due course allow you to add your own by converting from common 3D modelling formats. Bear in mind though that the more complex an object is then the fewer datapoints your PC may let you plot.

A full List of Supported Shapes is available on the Wiki.

One "trick" with Datascape is to have a dataset with a single point at 0,0 and set to a base shape, eg Man - rotated so lying down. They bring your data in in another dataset but set X,Z positions so that the points line up with the base model - which would then let you show for instance frequency of trauma or disease locations on a body, and how they vary over time.

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