18 January 2016

New Year, New Name - FieldscapesVR


One of the first tasks of Phase 2 of the InnovateUK funded Virtual Field Trips as a Service project that we started at the end of last year was to come up with a slightly snappier title for it. After much deliberation we've gone for Fieldscapes, AND FieldscapesVR. Whilst the core service will be called Fieldscapes, FieldscapesVR will also be used to refer to the VR capability, and for the domain name (since fieldscapes.com had gone!). 

As part of the "rebranding" we've taken the opportunity to:

In terms of overall progress the project is going well. In application terms we now have a User Story wall (at top) for our agile development methodology. We'll be posting weekly updates onto Facebook, and may even do a timelapse video at the end! Next week we've got a day accompanying a school on a physical fieldtrip in the Long Mynd, and then we head back to the office to start replicating all the tasks in Fieldscapes.

Next, we need a logo......

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