3 June 2016

Fieldscapes Editor - The First Exercises


We're making great progress with the Fieldscapes Editor now. With the Player/Explorer effectively done the focus is now very much on the Editor and the Infrastructure.

The Fieldscapes Wiki already gives an idea of how the Fieldscapes authoring process will work - and it's very much authoring not programming as it's just form filling with no syntax to worry about! In summary to create a Fieldscapes exercise you:

  • Choose a location (we'll provide generic ones as well as models of real world places, and if you've the 3D Unity skills you can contribute your own)
  • Choose a prop and then drag it into a location on the landscape (we provide a set of generic markers - info point, image point, quiz etc, as well as topic specific objects, e.g geography field trip, biology field trip etc)
  • Click on the prop to set its behaviours - such as:
    • Whether its visible at start
    • Whether it displays a message/image window, and the content thereof
    • Whether it changes the state of another prop (eg making the next point on a route appear)
    • Whether it changes the value of a variable (eg count of places visited)
    • Whether it stays visible and/or stays active
  • Move on to the next prop.
  • Save and test, and refine til ready

We'll post more updates as the editor develops, and hopefully put up a video of the editing process in the next couple of weeks.

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