13 May 2016

iCentrum VR Photosphere App Launched

We've just completed a photospheres virtual reality app for Innovation Birmingham Campus for their new iCentrum building. The app lets you step through half a dozen locations in the building, each with audio narration, and view an information zone with further details about the project.

The app will be used by the iCentrum business development team to win new tenants, and they will also be mailing out branded Google Cardboards to key contacts. The app currently works on Android and an iOS version is coming. It also works with or without Google Cardboard.

Visit the Play Store and search for icentrumvr to download the free app. Read more about photosphere apps, and get in touch if you'd like us to build one for you.

**Update: Now available on Apple App Store as well! Just search "icentrumvr".

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