12 February 2016

Datascape 2 - The Countdown Starts


After a big internal review this week we're now going full steam ahead to get Datascape2 XL out into beta by the end of March, with a target of the live release by the end of May.

Based on our experiences with Datascape 1 the new version of Datascape will be coming in two flavours:

  • Datascape2XL - a PC "download and install" programme
  • Datascape2GL - a web-based software-as-a-service version, using WebGL.

Our current focus is on Datascape2XL, with GL following perhaps a Quarter later.

We'll be gradually releasing more information on Datascape2GL over the next month or so, and updating the web site pages, wiki pages, and videos. But as a taster the big differences between Datascape1 and Datscape2XL are:

  • A move from Unity3D to DirectX and WPF
  • Our own graphics engine written in DirectX giving us over 10 million selectable data points on screen
  • Completely rewritten data import system, including Excel import and easy adjustment of field types
  • A completely rewritten user interface, making system uses probably an order of magnitude easier to use
  • Drag and drop on field mapping
  • Smart mappings - so you should get something plottable without doing anything other than importing the data
  • Dynamic switching between mappings
  • Oculus VR support (other HMD to come)
  • Audio support (so you can map to audio features (pitch, timbre) as well as vidual features of a point (almost essential in VR use)

But the core of the system remains absolutely the same - mapping any fields (or combinations of fields) in your data to any (one or more) features of the plotted 3D point, and then the ability to fly through that data to find the trends and anomalies using the eye/brain's optimisation for detecting patterns in 3D space.

If you'd like to be considered for the beta trial then please fill out the form - but note that priority will be given to existing Datascape users and partners.

And by the way, that image at the top of the post shows 13 million selectable data points (not 13!) plotted in a navigable 3D space - just add Oculus Rift!

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